Qualitative Research

Qualitative research offers insight. It’s an inquiry into people’s actions, expectations and experiences. For instance, how do people react to changes in their career, health, lifecourse? how do they use a new technology? how do they prepare their financial future? WAW employs scientific methods to put into sharper focus the issues that matter for your project too. You will gain a better understanding of what people do and perceive. With this knowledge, you can:


  • develop a new policy
  • answer a sub-question in your scientific project
  • design a questionnaire to collect quantitative data
  • motivate a grant proposal
  • improve the quality of an article


How does this work in practice? You start by discussing your issue with WAW. Together, you will decide upon the research question that best serves your needs. WAW will then propose a reseach design. Collecting material is the next step. Interviews, group discussions and observations are among the most fruitful methods in qualitative research. With a deep, methodological search WAW then analyses the material for patterns and themes. Throughout the study, you keep close contact with WAW to discuss the preliminary findings and enrich the analysis. At your convencience, the end product can be a short, clear report, a section in your policy document, or a paragraph in your scientific paper.


WAW is committed to integrity. It deals in a respectful, honest, and impartial way with the confidential information that you and the interviewees are willing to share. WAW complies with the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice that is established by VSNU, the association of Dutch universities.


Qualitative research can be carried out in all scientific disciplines and in all areas of society. It can be both large and small. The intensity can range from a quick scan to a deeper study.


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